Our belief is that the recipe for success in not the excessive, but the harmonious coexistence of neutral elements surrounded by a freshly tapped idea. Our goal is to combine modern with timeless, and elegant with comfortable.

Nasos Papadatos
President & Co-founder
Papadatos SA

Papadatos S.A. is a design and manufacturing group that began in 1990 by George & Nasos Papadatos. Along with his staff, Papadatos designs and oversees production of an extensive line of furnishings. Our philosophy balances simplicity and honestly so that the designs may continue to grow in today's ever changing world.

Papadatos SA factory


Papadatos SA: Authenticity

Authenticity: Papadatos relies on first class materials, and its well skilled staff for the manufacture of its products. This is what makes them so unique.

Each authentic Papadatos product has stitched on its cover the authenticity label, as well as the booklet with the maintenance tips and its guarantee. The existence of the three fully certifies the authenticity of the product. If yours Papadatos product lacks the above, please contact us.

Get our products only from the authorized dealers. They will be able also in the future to support you through the after-sale service procedures.

Attention: Papadatos does not recommend purchasing its products online.


Social responsibility is a fundamental value for the corporate philosophy of Papadatos. This sense of responsibility goes beyond the legal obligations of the company. Stems from concern for people and communities to which they belong. In this context, Papadatos has created two prototype programs of social and environmental action, which is constantly expanding.

In environmental terms, company evolving the vision of a product 100% environmentally friendly, over the last decade has replaced almost every non-green feedstock. As well, consistently recycles every unnecessary recyclable material and packaging. While never uses timber coming from protected tropical forests.

On the social level, Papadatos fully respects the principles of Fair Trade, and is against of any form of labor rights violation. Consistently over its social obligations, benefactors where considers it as necessary and possible.

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